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This is great info for gardeners. I came searching for information on the path of the sun with different times of the year. This helped me to understand how our 2 storey house will cast darkness on its south side throughout every season. I am planting fruit trees a couple of metres out from the house and wished to be sure that they would receive enough sunlight when they require it. They will receive nearly none in winter (which will be fine) but several hours at other times from the year, so will be happy in this spot. It also helped me to understand the particular solstices and equinoxes and the good reason that we have seasons. Thank you! I will be transferring this information on to the science teacher which i work with in our kitchen garden courses at primary school level when i think our children CeCe Stripe Shell will be able to understand this.

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Hi, Kevin, You are among those who else champion the traditional season starts—on the particular Quarter Days (the solstices plus equinoxes) and the corresponding Cross-Quarter Times (the mid-points between the Quarter Days). We have addressed this on the Almanac pages and we will bring this information towards the Web site. However , it is not likely to replace the predominant view; the current seasonal appointments has been too long and deeply engrained in the public seasonal psyche to alter many hearts and minds. And we will continue to acknowledge also these types of familiar dates and bring the other people to (greater) light. We praise you for recognizing this distinction!

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